Project Resistance trailer looks like Resident Evil Outbreak 3

The new game in the beloved Resident Evil series that Capcom has recently been playtesting and teasing has now been revealed to be a “brand-new team-based survival horror experience” called Project ResistanceLong-term fans of the Japanese horror series may remember the PS2 titles Resident Evil Outbreak and its sequel Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2, and early signs make it look as though Project Resistance could in fact be the series’ third entry.

The two former games allowed players to select a character, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and then opt to team up with other people online via the console’s fledgling online multiplayer capabilities. Though the two spin-offs weren’t received particularly well back when they launched, they’ve endured in the memories of those who played them due to arguably being well ahead of their time.

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Now that technology and online infrastructure is more than permitting, developing Resident Evil Outbreak 3 could be a savvy move for Capcom. That’s assuming that it’ll officially adopt the name at all.

Whether Project Resistance is the game’s final title or not is as yet unknown, though the debut teaser trailer (below) makes it clear that this new Resident Evil game will at least channel the old Outbreak series. The trailer depicts a group of four young survivors entering an ominous (presumably Umbrella-owned) facility armed with a variety of melee weapons and firearms, which they quickly start putting to use as the series’ trademark zombies begin to rise.

Perhaps most interestingly of all, the way the trailer is shot and sequenced seemingly serves to hint that another player might be able to take control of an antagonist and try to stop the four opposing players from escaping/surviving, in the vein of modern asymmetric multiplayer games like Friday the 13th. The name Project Resistance could also allude to that, with one player taking on the role of the eponymous resisting force.

There shouldn’t be long until we find out what the whole deal is, as the trailer also promises “more details” will be revealed later this week at the Tokyo Game Show.