Minecraft Tetris minigame created entirely with command blocks

Minecraft Tetris minigame has been created by an inventive player. Thanks to the magic of the all-powerful Command Block, a Redditor has managed to recreate one of the classic puzzle video games in the blocky world filed with derpy animals and deadly creepers.

Redditor /u/TheSycorax submitted a video of his Minecraft Tetris minigame to the /r/Minecraft subreddit. The video showed off a game that is surprisingly functional, albeit a bit slower than one might expect if they were looking for a challenging puzzle game experience.

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In the submitted video, we see /u/TheSycorax walk up to an innocuous white wall and push a button. Music begins to play and we see the first piece begin to descend, controlled by stepping on pressure plates in front of the game board. Two pieces are dropped by the player before a third completes the first line, turning it to gold and causing a small explosion.

We’re then treated to a quick tour of the internals of this Minecraft Tetris minigame, showing a crazy amount of Command Blocks that are connected together to make it work. Unfortunately, our hero forgot that the game was still running and lost due to the tetrominos piling up.

According to the Reddit submission, it took more than 350 Command Blocks to make the magic happen. If you’re not a huge Minecraft nerd like I am, you might not know what these things are. Essentially, they allow you to do simple programming to automate various commands and other functions. Command Blocks are completely unavailable in Survival mode, necessitating Creative Mode in order to make something like the Minecraft Tetris minigame.

The ability of creative folks to make games inside of other games never fails to amaze me. You can see the Minecraft Tetris minigame in action in the video below. Hopefully, /u/TheSycorax will be able to release his creation to the world so other people can play it, too!

I Made Tetris in Minecraft w/ over 350+ Command Blocks from Minecraft