xQc praises young CS:GO teammate while typing furious insults to enemy player

Félix “xQc” Lengyel—the former Overwatch pro player turned professional Twitch streamer—perhaps doesn’t typically give youngsters much reprieve, as evidenced when he recently outright refused to refund a parent $27 that their child had spent on donations without their knowledge. In that instance, he told the parent to “educate your f***ing child,” but more recently, he seemingly turned over a new leaf and sent a young CS:GO teammate free skins instead.

The recipient was clearly moved by the gesture, stumbling over his words before asking in a shocked tone of voice “do you know how much money that is?!” You can see the wholesome moment unfold in this Twitch clip, though by the end of the match xQc’s attitude is no longer entirely positive.

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Lengyel tells his new kid friend “good job” over voice chat, after which they thank him for the CS:GO skins and warmly bid xQc farewell. As this almost heartwarming display unfolds, however, xQc can simultaneously be seen furiously typing insults into the in-game text chat directed at a player on the opposing team.

xQc calls the enemy player a “cheater,” then tells them that “this game wont make ur dad comeback.” Continuing along that same thread he adds “ur mum is fat, ur dad is gone… ur notgoong anywhere.” He concludes by saying “ur ughyl as f***,” his final message being cut off due to the fact that the post-game lobby where the altercation was taking place expired. You’ll need to read that one for yourself if you check out the full clip.

Clearly frustrated that he didn’t get his final jab in, xQc slams his fists down on his desk and causes the camera to shake. Ever the controversial figure, Félix Lengyel recently said that they “don’t give a f***” about copyright and a number of his fans also paid To Catch a Predator TV host Chris Hansen to ridicule weebs in a shot at the Overwatch community to which xQc once belonged.