Modern Warfare loot boxes spotted in beta are infuriating the community

It looks like Modern Warfare loot boxes are going to be a thing when the next Call of Duty launches on October 25, 2019. The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta wasn’t off to a great start with the account login error issue, but a glitch revealing Activision’s inevitable plan to add microtransactions isn’t going down well with the community.

Activision hasn’t commented on the whole microtransactions matter, promising more details near release: “Please be patient. We hear you. And we’ll share more as we get closer to launch.” Infinity Ward has talked about it a bit on a recent special episode of the Game Informer Show, saying that it “can’t really comment on MTX” and the team is “pushing really hard to make a player-first or player-forward system.” As a part of that, Multiplayer Design Director Joe Cecot stated in that interview that the studio worked hard on making sure camos were status symbols and you would know that players earned them.

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However, there are still loot boxes and the CoD community remains concerned about Activision’s future plans, a feeling that ended up being confirmed by the Modern Warfare beta. A glitch exposed the return of supply drops, the loot box microtransaction feature that was introduced in the series with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Call of Duty has been rife with some sort of microtransactions for years and some have even been added a few months after launch, conveniently dodging early impressions and reviews.

User NerosCinema shared his discovery of Modern Warfare loot boxes on Twitter (via Dexerto). The “Loot Box: Common Supply Drop” unlock message showed up after he hit level six, but other players have reported seeing the same message at level four. The tweet prompted a series of responses and many of them were negative.

Some expressed their displeasure with the loot boxes in the replies to the tweet while others pled for Activision to reconsider. However, it’s incredibly unlikely that the game will forfeit its microtransactions because of some vocal fans, given how much bank it makes.

You can earn loot boxes in previous Call of Duty games according to playtime, earning medals or purchasing them directly from the in-game store. But most players fear that this system will be used to lock powerful weapons behind paywalls, potentially putting paying players at an advantage. Call of Duty has had that problem in the past, after all.