Japanese gaming hotel the ‘e-ZONe’ invites gamers to stay and play

Japan as a country could easily be described as eccentric, quirky, and welcoming of new technology on an almost unparalleled level. All of that makes it the perfect place to play host to the e-ZONe Hotel, a massive new Japanese gaming hotel that will open in Osaka’s geek district Nipponbashi next April.

The nine-story building’s first three floors are entirely geared towards gaming, featuring more than 70 high-end PCs that are also kitted out for livestreaming. They’ll largely play host to games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and WoW Classic, allowing holidaymakers to avoid seeing the sights and keep playing their favorite games as if they were back home instead.

Jokes aside, perhaps a more realistic use case is actually for locals since internet cafes—and even officially licenced League of Legends cafes—often accommodate marathon gaming sessions that leave patrons exhausted when it comes to closing time. If they elected to instead play in Japan’s e-ZONe Hotel, they wouldn’t have to go far for a good nights sleep or even just a power nap.

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Hotel guests will need to head up to floors four through eight in order to find their assigned lodgings, which by the sounds of it will be a pretty basic affair. That should illustrate where the upcoming establishment’s main interests lie, though there apparently will also be special suites with their own gaming PCs located on the seventh floor. If you’re the sort of gamer that likes to play the entire night away in their underwear, for everyone’s sake, you should opt for one of those.

There’s been no official word on nightly pricing just yet, though the establishment is said to be welcoming of all players, whether they’re totally new or intimately familiar with the worlds of esports and PC gaming. Just don’t get too involved in any trash talk with fellow guests, or you might come to regret it when visiting the shared basement shower room…