Official ‘LoL cafes’ offer patrons XP boosts, Champions, and skins

Internet and gaming cafes are big business in certain parts of the world, and in this knowledge, developer Riot Games is expanding its official LoL cafes initiative from Korea to Europe as well as popular holiday destination Turkey. In addition to serving up food and drinks, League of Legends cafes also offer high-end gaming PC setups and snappy server connection speeds, perhaps making for the ultimate MOBA playing experience.

Not just that, but LoL cafe patrons receive a permanent 25% XP boost while logged in on one of their machines, in addition to immediate access to all of the game’s staggering 145 current plus all future playable Champions and access to one premium skin for each champion. The premium skins on offer rotate every six months in order to keep players coming back, ultimately making for quite a rounded overall package for any casual League of Legends fan or aspiring professional player to consider.

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The official LoL cafes website, which unfortunately isn’t available to view in English besides a wonky Google translation, also now offers establishment owners easier means to apply to be considered by Riot for LoL cafe status. According to Reddit user infest– in his thread on these netcafes, a Riot employee physically attends applying internet cafes in order to grade their eligibility, and being accepted would almost certainly help to drive new business with the recognizable game logo thereafter being emblazoned on a building. He also stated that the Riot representative handed him a redeemable code for an Origami Nunu & Willump skin, because they apparently just carry those, so do keep that in mind if you spot one in your local internet cafe.

As cool as this project is, Riot might be missing a trick by not also integrating itself with the cafe foodstuffs. Nintendo Lunchables essentially made indirect microtransactions out of children’s snacks, so why not tempt people away from their computer chairs for just a moment with the promise of even more skins and also much-needed sustenance?