Mini Motorways brings tiny traffic management to Apple Arcade this month, PC in 2020

Get ready for some absolutely adorable frustration, as the Mini Motorways release date has been announced by developer Dinosaur Polo Club, and it will be launching on the Apple Arcade first. Gamers on Steam need not feel left out, though, as it will also be launching on PC sometime in 2020.

What is Mini Motorways, anyways? Well, it’s the newest game from Dinosaur Polo Club, the same developer who brought you Mini Metro. While Mini Metro was all about managing miniature versions of the subway and train lines of famous cities like Tokyo and Paris, Mini Motorways changes up the gameplay by making it all about cars, roads, and bridges.

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Have a gander at this teaser trailer to get a feel for the game:

Much like Mini Metro, the game will start with a place that spawns vehicles and a destination. You’ll have to build a road connecting the two, and cars will start happily traveling back and forth between the two locations, all set to the tune of a super chill soundtrack created by Disasterpeace. As you play, the map will slowly zoom out, adding more spawn points and more destinations that you’ll have to connect with roads.

It sounds simple enough, and I (as a Mini Metro fan) can only say one thing: that is the path to ruin. You have to think on your feet, and what seems like a good idea at the time, may very well end up biting you in the butt a few minutes later. If Mini Motorways is half as challenging as Mini Metro, it will be a game that’s worth keeping an eye on.

The Mini Motorways release date for Apple Arcade is September 19, 2019. An Android version has not yet been announced. As for the Steam gamers out there, the Mini Motorways release date will be sometime in 2020. No price for the Steam version has been announced, but a subscription to Apple Arcade is going to cost you $4.99 a month. You can see some more gameplay in the trailer below.