Call of Duty: Mobile release date revealed for Android and iOS

Any players lamenting Activision’s recent statement to GameRevolution with regards to the fact that Modern Warfare “will not be coming to Switch” (we reported on seeming evidence to the contrary) should be glad to know that they can, in fact, still take Call of Duty on the go starting next month. No, the military shooter series may not be coming to Nintendo Switch, but today we did get a Call of Duty: Mobile release date for iOS and Android.

Said to offer the full CoD multiplayer experience—that’s the competitive suite specifically, so don’t expect additional co-op modes like Spec Ops and Zombies here—the impressive-looking FPS game features many of the maps and weapons that existing Call of Duty players know and love. It might also be a good entry point for newcomers, too, owing to the new touchscreen control scheme leveling the playing field and the fact that the game is free to play.

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Call of Duty: Mobile marks Activision’s most significant foray into the mobile gaming market, with the publisher teaming up with Tencent’s TIMI Studios for development. Impressively, the team at TIMI has been able to implement a 100-player battle royale mode into the game, which eclipses even mainline console entry Black Ops 4‘s 88 players for solo and duo queues in Blackout mode at launch.

While the game has been publicly playable in beta form for a good long while now, October 1 marks the official version 1.0 launch for both the iOS and Android versions on a global scale.

Being a free-to-play title, players can predictably expect to see numerous microtransactions implemented into Call of Duty: Mobile so that the game can draw revenue. It’ll feature a premium storefront in addition to a conventional Call of Duty Battle Pass system, complete with existing in-game currency CoD Points (CP).