FIFA pro BorasLegend said he spent $1,700 to be competitive in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

If you want to take the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team trophy home, make sure that you step into the stadium with your pockets full of money. At least, this is what FIFA video game pro player Ivan “BorasLegend” Lapanje has revealed in a recent tweet, much to the dismay of many players.

The Swedish pro is the current number one player in his country and is widely considered one of the best FIFA players of all-time. It’s predictable that many fans of EA Sports’ game want to hear about his opinions and tips, and this time the focus was on the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team and how much he was willing to invest in this game mode.

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Replying to fans asking how much he would be spending on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, BorasLegend revealed that he purchased a surprisingly large amount of FIFA Points in order to remain competitive.

“I have loaded up with 204,000 FIFA points (1700$),” he tweeted. “This contribution will put me in an early advantage vs some players and reduce the disadvantage vs heavy spenders,” he said, adding “I wish it wasn’t like this, just wanted to be transparent.”

Judging by the tweet (via Dexerto), BorasLegend wasn’t pleased with the $1,700 that he had to invest in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, but he does have a reputation to keep as one of the top FIFA players. This amount of FIFA Points won’t be within reach for most players, but when you know that you’ll be facing other heavy spenders for the top ranked positions, this is pretty much a requirement, given the state of the game’s microtransactions. As critics will point out, microtransactions like this point out how problematic the pay-to-win approach is as it favors people with bigger wallets.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, or FUT for short, is a game mode where players can build their dream team, but part of it involves purchasing packs filled with random cards to boost your squad’s stats. There are dozens of icon players both from past and present, with Zinedine Zidane being one of this year’s additions.