Dreams roadmap aims for 10-year journey and is one of Yoshida’s ‘favorite projects’

Sony has big plans for Media Molecule’s new game, judging by the Dreams roadmap revealed by Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida. The ambitious scope of said roadmap is serious, according to Yoshida, as Sony is in it for the long haul.

Considering that Dreams comes from the makers of the innovative LittleBigPlanet games, it’s easy to understand why Yoshida wants to let the team breathe. In fact, he even says that Dreams is one of his “favorite games ever,” which is quite a bold claim considering that Sony’s line-up is filled with remarkable, well-received games.

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In a new interview with PlayStation Asia (via Push Square), Yoshida reveals that Dreams is going to stay around for quite some time.

“We have a 10-year vision for Dreams to keep growing with the community,” he said briefly before moving on to the game’s expansive toolbox and why the game asks for such a plan.

Yoshida spoke about the Dreams Early Access, which started on April 2019. He said he sees this phase as a stepping stone for the game’s proposed long journey, as players become familiar with the toolset, explore its possibilities, and collaborate with one another to create stunning productions. According to Yoshida, it is both a game and an incredibly rich toolset for players to design their own games, music, art, assets, and much more. Because of this depth, he insinuated that it will take people quite some quite some time for users to push Dreams to its fullest extent. And Sony is planning to help Media Molecule get there through this 10-year plan and nurture it along the way. Many Dreams creators have already shown the game’s potential to deliver some original works, such as the Godzilla-inspired level Ruckus: Just Another Natural Disaster.

It remains to be seen how such an ambitious Dreams roadmap will react in the face of the upcoming console generations. While it is originally developed for PlayStation 4, it will also be playable on PlayStation 5, since Sony’s next console supports backward-compatibility. However, Sony could also be considering a Dreams PS5 port in order to take full advantage of the system’s improved specs, which would allow for a more developed toolset. And maybe if things go well, Dreams will even end up making it into the PlayStation 6 generation.