Overwatch Smash characters ‘would be awesome, but it’s up to Nintendo,’ says Blizzard

If you’re disappointed because all the rumors about Overwatch Smash characters never materialized, don’t lose hope. The idea of seeing Tracer, Genji, D.va, or any other character from the popular hero shooter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate remains a strong possibility, with Blizzard devs clearly pleased by that thought.

However, nothing seems to be set in stone, or at least Blizzard and Nintendo don’t want to reveal anything about it for now. With the release of Overwatch on Nintendo Switch slated for October 15, the coming months could potentially bring some good news to Smash fans.

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In a recent interview with Inverse (via Dexerto), Blizzard producers Wes Yanagi and Andrew Boyd were questioned over which Overwatch character would be the best fit for Smash. Both Yanagi and Boyd refused to commit to a specific hero, probably to avoid giving Overwatch fans a new and heated topic for debate.

“It’s hard to pick your favorite hero,” Boyd said, adding “All of them have their own draw in Smash and it’s a really cool idea.” Yanagi corroborated this idea, saying “They’re all my favorite. It would be an awesome thing to have but that’s up to Nintendo right now.”

While these are obviously considerate responses, they do carry some substantial weight. Overwatch features a roster with many candidates to a spot in Smash, but Tracer is pretty much the most easily identifiable Overwatch character, therefore being often mentioned as the number one choice. If the decision is truly up to Nintendo alone, that is another matter entirely.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the rare kind of fighting game that is both fun for casual players and a regular choice among the pro fighting game community. It also serves the purpose of acting as an anthology of classic video game characters. Who knows if Tracer already earned her time in the Smash spotlight?