Today is your last day to get the Twitch Prime Nintendo Switch Online deal

Today is the last day to get the Twitch Prime Nintendo Switch Online deal. If you didn’t know, one of the many benefits you can get with Amazon Prime is Twitch Prime, an upgrade to the video streaming service that has several gaming-related perks. And buried in those Twitch Prime deals is the ability to get up to a year of Nintendo Switch Online free—but you’ll have to move fast.

To get in on this deal, you’ll first have to have an active Twitch Prime membership (which itself requires an active Amazon Prime membership). You’ll then have to head on over to the promotion page at and begin the process of signing up. Unfortunately, it’s a little more complex than just hitting a button and getting this Twitch Prime Nintendo Switch Online deal done.

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You see, you won’t actually get a year of Nintendo Switch Online for free right away—this Twitch Prime Nintendo Switch Online deal only gives you three months to start off. Once those three months are up, you’ll be able to activate a subsequent nine months for no extra charge, totaling up to a full year of Nintendo Switch Online for free.

There is another unfortunate caveat—you may not be able to finish the activation on your PC alone. Like many people out there, I was planning on getting a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. I wanted to get in on this deal before it expired, but the process of trying to complete it led me to Error Code 9001-0026 which simply states that you’ll need to access your account on a Nintendo Switch console before you can actually use it to make any purchases. This is actually spelled out in the F.A.Q. at the bottom of the page:

“Can I redeem this offer if my Nintendo Account is not actively linked to a Nintendo Switch system?

You must link your Nintendo Account to a Nintendo Switch system before this offer can be redeemed. If you claimed this offer before your Nintendo Account had an active linked Nintendo Switch system please continue claiming by using the link above the “claimed” offer box.”

Looks like I’ll be missing out on this deal myself, but you still have a chance to get in on the Twitch Prime Nintendo Switch Online deal. It’s best to act fast while you can, lest you miss it forever!