Bully 2 hinted at by new Rockstar merchandise

Rockstar may be once again hinting at Bully 2, if some of the new Rockstar Warehouse arrivals are anything to go by. This isn’t the first time that a Bully sequel is subtly teased, but the new merchandise seems to lend credibility to the idea.

The new Bully baseball caps prove that there is still a lot of life to the franchise, with Rockstar either trying to cash in on all the hype, or getting ready to reveal Bully 2 sooner or later.

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The Rockstar Warehouse received some brand new Bullworth Academy baseball caps, one of them with the inscription “Property of Bullworth Academy.” The discovery was made by Reddit user gpack418 (via Dexerto), with other Redditors swiftly confirming that these caps weren’t in the store a few weeks ago.

Most users in the same thread seem convinced that this is a legitimate teaser for Bully 2, saying that this is proof that the franchise remains profitable, so a sequel would be the next logical step. Obviously, this may not amount to much when taken in isolation, but if we consider that other Rockstar franchises such as Midnight Club, Manhunt, or LA Noire haven’t seen any new merchandise in a long time, it could imply something.

Rockstar is used to hint at Bully in its games, showing that the franchise remains deep in the developers’ hearts. One recent tease is the presence of one Meredith Hopkins in a poster for Red Dead Redemption 2, with Hopkins being the last name of Bully’s protagonist James “Jimmy” Hopkins. Another teaser comes from Grand Theft Auto Online, where players can customize their penthouse with the Bullsworth Academy coat of arms. Easter eggs or real teasers, only Rockstar can say for sure.

Bully remains a high point in Rockstar Games’ backlog, but the 2006 game never received a much-desired sequel. A remaster called Bully Scholarship Edition was released in 2008 for PC, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii, but that was the last we heard from Jimmy Hopkins. Rockstar Games’ cofounder Dan Houser already expressed his love for the game and his desire to make a Bully sequel, so let’s hope it’s a matter of time.

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