Final Fantasy 7 Remake box art neglects to mention episodic structure

Earlier today, Square Enix revealed the official Final Fantasy 7 Remake box art for North America and Europe. Protagonist Cloud Strife is prominently featured, staring at the imposing Shinra Corporation building as he reaches for his Buster sword.

It’s a cool box art that sets the scene for the remake of an adventure that many players consider to be the highlight of their gaming history. However, it fails to accurately describe what players will be in for when they purchase the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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The Final Fantasy 7 Remake that you can get starting March 3, 2020 isn’t the full experience that some players are hoping for. Square Enix has confirmed that the remake will feature an episodic structure, which means that the upcoming game is, in fact, part one, or episode one of a bigger story, however you want to call it. The exact number of episodes is anyone’s guess right now, but the episodic nature of Final Fantasy 7 Remake box art should at least warrant some sort of warning, as Kotaku first noticed.

While the first episode of the PlayStation 4 exclusive is expected to be roughly the same size of a full game, for all that matters it remains as one part of a larger series. Players wanting to (re)live the entire FF7 experience will be forced to purchase subsequent episodes, some of them unwillingly due to the lack of an unassuming “Part One” message underneath the logo, for example.

The first episode of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is set in Midgar, giving you a vastly enhanced introduction to the game’s story and revamped visuals. Initial impressions point to an impressive remake, with a perfect blend of fast-paced combat and turn-based battles. Let’s just hope that Square Enix won’t draw inspiration from today’s most loathed video game conventions by adding some sort of “Aeris lives” microtransaction to the mix.