Overwatch voice actor Carolina Ravassa wants to shave her head for charity (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Carolina Ravassa has decided to move forward with cutting her hair for charity and has opened up a GoFundMe campaign with the proceeds going to the Trinity School in Cali, Columbia. Proceeds of the campaign will get the children school supplies, food, tuition, and more.

ORIGINAL STORY: Overwatch voice actor Carolina Ravassa is willing to go to bat for a children’s charity in a big way. Ms. Ravassa—the woman behind the voice of the game’s hacker Sombra—has put out a video where she says she’d be willing to shave the side of her head in the style of her Overwatch character for a good cause.

“How much money would you donate to a children’s charity of my choice if I were to get the Sombra side shave?” Ms. Ravassa began in a video on her YouTube channel. “I’ve been considering it a lot and it’s something I want to do, but I’m not quite sure yet. I thought it could be a fun little ‘oomph’ that you guys could give if you’re interested.”

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It should be noted that Overwatch voice actor Carolina Ravassa has not yet firmly committed to shaving the side of her head like Sombra for charity. Rather, she’s asking her fans to say in the comments how much they would be willing to donate to a children’s charity of her choice if she were to get the iconic hairstyle of the sassy Mexican hacker.

After a short time, she’ll go over the comments on her YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Presumably, she’ll then get the side of her head shaved just like the iconic Overwatch character and ask that her fans pony up the cash to a good cause as they’ve promised.

A shave might not be the only thing she’d do, as evidenced by her Twitter responses:

People have done speedruns, marathoned games, dunked themselves with ice water, and endured all sorts of other trials for charitable causes. Now, Overwatch voice actor Carolina Ravassa is putting her hair on the line to help out a bunch of kids in need.

If you’re a fan of hers and willing to contribute, make sure to hit up the YouTube video, tweet, or Instagram post and let her know how much you’d be willing to donate to charity. You can see Ms. Ravassa’s selfless proposal in full in the YouTube video below.