WATCH: Overwatch Sombra voice actor shaves her head for charity

The Overwatch Sombra voice actor has done something fantastic for a good cause: Carolina Ravassa has gotten a side shave in the style of the character she voices after fans donated a veritable boatload of money to charity. What’s more, she put the entire process on her YouTube channel Hispanglosaxon.

One week ago, Overwatch Sombra voice actor Carolina Ravassa proposed a deal to her fanbase: Tell her how much you would be willing to donate to a children’s charity of her choice, and she’ll shave the side of her head in the style of Sombra if people follow through on their promise. After shopping the idea around on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, she opened up a GoFundMe campaign which hit $5,000 in the first 24 hours and has since grown to more than $12,000 at the time of writing.

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Her fans followed through for a good cause, and Ms. Ravassa held up her end of the bargain in style. She headed down to the Arenas’ Barber Shop in Burbank, California with her friend (and Symmetra voice actor) Anjali Bhimani and let the practiced hand of Ed Fonseca do the deed. She looked pretty fantastic after all was said and done, and then she took the time to address her audience directly.

“[We] hit 10K and that’s not something you see every day,” she said in a YouTube video on her channel. “I am so thankful, and humbled, and honored that you guys donated money to this awesome, crazy thing I did. I’m feeling very Sombra-esque right now.”

Ms. Ravassa went on to explain that she’s leaving the GoFundMe campaign open for the moment in case anyone else would like to donate. The campaign is benefiting the Trinity School in Cali, Colombia, an educational institution that provides for its students regardless of income. Carolina says that she’ll be heading down to the school personally in December 2019 to hand-deliver the check for whatever the final amount ends up being.

Overwatch Sombra voice actor Carolina Ravassa stepped up in a big way for charity—and so did her fans. You can watch the magic moment where she sheds her locks for a good cause below, and you can still contribute to the GoFundMe if you want to help out some kids in need.