Resident Evil 2 Monster Hunter World crossover brings Leon, Claire, and Mr. X Handler to the hunt

If you like mix and matching your favorite games, the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Monster Hunter World crossover may just be your thing. Capcom is putting two of its iconic franchises into a single serving of delightful weirdness.

Leon and Claire, the heroes of the latest Resident Evil hit, Resident Evil 2 Remake, are taking a break from shooting zombies to venture into Capcom’s dangerous Monster Hunter World Iceborne. But they are bringing a friend for the ride… or perhaps a nemesis would be the better-suited word.

Resident Evil 2 Monster Hunter World crossover Mr X Handler

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Leon, Claire, and Mr. X are the new guest stars coming to Iceborne in November, Capcom revealed via a tweet accompanied by ludicrously fun trailer. While Leon and Claire’s heroic stunts are nothing to be surprised with, since we’re so used seeing them dispatch zombies without breaking a sweat, the presence of Mr. X is the obvious highlight of the update.

The menacing and brooding Mr. X is widely recognized as an intimidating and deadly figure, but his part in the Resident Evil 2 Monster Hunter World crossover is nothing of the sort. Instead, he plays the role of the Handler, the goofy, enthusiastic, and reckless character with a penchant for getting himself into dangerous situations.

The Mr. X Handler footage comes near the end of the announcement trailer and is a must-see. Watching such a cold figure embarking in such nonsensical situations is bound to be hilarious, and his puppy eyes completely seal the deal. Sure, you have to disregard the fact that he looks like Freddy Krueger, but this is shaping up to be a memorable crossover, one that many players only dreamed possible via mods.

Obviously, players are now asking Capcom to go the extra mile, by suggesting the addition of Okami as a Palico skin. Who knows, if this event becomes successful, we may get to see other crossovers, with Nero from Devil May Cry being one of the suggestions.