New PS5 renders show what it could look like

Several new PS5 renders have surfaced based on a detailed description of the prototype. With the PS5 release date revealed, the excitement surrounding Sony’s upcoming console is understandably rampant, as players want to learn more about what the next generation entails.

Although we’re yet to lay our hands on the first official photo or concept art, artists are doing their best with the leaked info at their disposal. That is how a new set of PlayStation 5 renders was created to give us an overall impression.

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LetsGoDigital created the new PS5 renders, once again trying as much as possible to stick to the info that anonymous sources are conveying. The 3D renders are based on the anonymous description, which mentions that the console had the following statement: “Prototype 1 not for sale.”

It’s worth noting that the renders could represent a PS5 devkit, not the actual console design that is hitting stores by late 2020. Matthew Stott, a senior artist at Codemasters, seemingly confirmed that the design matched a PlayStation 5 developer console similar to the one he had at the studio, but the tweet was quickly deleted, so the question remains.

Additional info on the PS5 mentions that the top of the console is shiny silver, while the front and ventilation holes on the sides are made of black plastic. The buttons are also based on the leaked info and images, although not all of them were legible, more specifically the second button that could either be reset or record.

New PS5 renders

Devkits are far from being head-turners, built to focus on performance while ignoring the aesthetical side of things. A quick look at the renders show some stylish lines, more in-tune with what we would expect from a new console, although the design is far from consensual. Could these images be representative of the final product? Could Sony be using some of these elements for the retail version?

If this design turns out to be the one that Sony chose for its next-generation console, it is a far-cry from the look of previous PlayStation consoles. While it looks richer and more detailed, it feels like it doesn’t easily blend with other pieces of technology in anyone’s room. PS5 console or devkit? Hopefully Sony will give us an answer in a few months.