Modern Warfare microtransactions continue to be tuned for the better

A recent leak has had the Modern Warfare community up in arms about the upcoming game’s microtransactions. The leak claimed that the game would use a weapon microtransaction system similar to that of Black Ops 4. Now, signs are pointing to the Modern Warfare microtransactions being changed for the better before launch.

The first hints of the changes came from another leak claiming that the studios’ higher ups had met to address the situation. Now, Infinity Ward’s Joel Emslie has directly addressed the community’s concerns over on Reddit. “Thank you for the kind words about the effort we put into the game and I’m sorry for such a delayed response,” stated Emslie. “What I can say is that we are focused on making a different system for Modern Warfare, one with a direct path to content for players.”

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Emslie’s post came as part of a conversation on a longer post he made on the game’s subreddit over a week ago. In this post, Emslie stated that “you’re all being heard.” That said, in the same post, he also warned against believing in rumors, asking people to “focus on information that is actually fact and not get thrown off by ill informed people that want to make a name for themselves by spreading half baked inflammatory rumors.”

Interestingly enough however, following Emslie’s post, another well known leaker has made a statement that seems to confirm that Infinity Ward is looking at fixing Modern Warfare‘s microtransactions before launch. A post from leaker Victor_Z made a post on Twitter that stated that Modern Warfare‘s microtransactions will not be like Black Ops 4‘s at all. Instead, Infinity Ward is apparently implementing a system that’s much closer to the one found in 2016’s Infinite Warfare.

Modern Warfare microtransactions continue to be tuned for the better

For those not familiar with how microtransactions in both games worked, the main difference is that Black Ops 4 ties certain guns to microtransactions. On the other hand, while Infinite Warfare players could pay for weapons via the season pass, the primary method for them to get them was through completing in-game challenges. If Victor_Z’s leak is legitimate, then it does look like Infinity Ward really is doing its best to address concerns about Modern Warfare‘s microtransactions.