Valve break in resulted in $40,000 worth of items stolen

Back in June, Valve found itself the victim of robbery after someone broke in and stole $40,000 worth of games and equipment. Now, the perpetrator of the Valve break in has apparently been found and is being summoned to appear in court in Washington.

According to local news station KIRO7, police have identified the perpetrator as Shaun Shaputis. The 32-year-old already had six previous warrants out for his prior to his break in at Valve. In addition to this, police also stated that he involved in a high-speed chase from Bellevue to Seattle that started after he had stolen a FedEx truck. The police had actually arrested Shaputis a week before this chase for a previous burglary spree on June 28, 2019.

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But Shaputis was caught this time as he tried to sell the games he stole from Valve at a GameStop in Bellevue’s Crossroads neighborhood. Shaputis’ attempts to sell the stolen games were caught on camera, leading police to identify him.

“This is a dangerous suspect,” stated Officer Seth Tyler of the Bellevue Police Department. “And it shows that he keeps committing these types of crimes.”

Valve break in resulted in $40,000 worth of items stolen

Interestingly enough, it seems that the break in was not a one-time thing. Shaputis apparently admitted to investigator that he broke into Valve’s offices four or five times. During these heists, he would fill a recycling bin with various equipment, including computers, as well as games. He would then wheel the recycling bin out of Valve’s offices and into his car, with most people being none the wiser to the fact that it contained stolen goods.

Shaputis’ arraignment has been scheduled for this coming Wednesday, October 9. Should he fail to appear, a warrant will be put out for his arrest, adding another to the ones he already has.