Divinity: Fallen Heroes delayed indefinitely, needs ‘far greater development time’

Divinity: Fallen Heroes has been delayed indefinitely, likely disappointed several fans of Larian Studios’ fantasy universe. While the new style of gameplay that was set to arrive in Divinity: Fallen Heroes was certainly appealing, the significant changes to the game’s overall formula has also brought with it a number of challenges that are going to take some more development time. Just how much more time is needed, however, has been left as a mystery.

Larian Studios published a tweet that showed a statement made by the team on their official forums. In it, they lay out some unfortunate news: they can’t really say when Fallen Heroes is going to launch, stating that they’re going to need “an unspecified period of time” to get the game done.

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“It is with a profound sense of regret that today we announce Divinity: Fallen Heroes has been put on hold, as we fondly celebrate the work done so far,” the statement begins. “We’ve been working with Logic Artists for over a year since before the announcement on March 27, 2019. Though enthused by the reception of the announcement and the energy of our fans, we have taken many things into consideration over the course of the last few months, and today we’re ready to talk about its future.”

The statement from Larian goes on to explain that they’re going to need “far greater development time and resources” to get this project over the finish line. In short: the November 2019 release date isn’t going to happen.

Divinity: Fallen Heroes

While the statement about the Divinity: Fallen Heroes delay may be disappointed, it isn’t all doom and gloom; Larian hasn’t firmly said that they’re canceling the game, leaving the door open for them to pick up the work and finish it at some point in the future.

“We value the work that everyone has put in to Fallen Heroes, and though we lament its status as of now, we all agree that there’s a great game in there that will sometime reach the players who await it.”