Divinity: Original Sin board game is blowing up on Kickstarter

Divinity: Original Sin board game has popped up on Kickstarter and it’s blowing up. In fact, in the time it took me to write this sentence, the Kickstarter pledges jumped by a thousand dollars — and Larian Studios’ newest project shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Divinity: Original Sin is a pretty great role-playing game from Larian Studios. The company has created two core games and several spin-offs in the Divinity universe, and now they’ve decided to take things to the tabletop with a Divinity: Original Sin board game.

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Unsurprisingly titled Divinity Original Sin The Board Game, 1–4 players will spend 60+ minutes heading out on a branching, narrative adventure. Not only does this game promise some pretty kickass combat, but it also says that your choices will have repercussions throughout the play session. There are also some pretty darn cool models that you can get as a bonus if you decide to spring for the premium edition.

Divinity: Original Sin board game premium model

Here’s what you’ll get in the box with the Standard Edition:

  • 4 story characters minis
    • Ifan Ben-Mezd
    • The Red Prince
    • Farzanah
    • Vali
  • 1 game board
  • 4 dual-layer player boards
  • player sheets
  • 1 boss board
  • 4 player health trackers
  • 16 dice, etched and painted
  • 847 cards, including:
    • 527 location cards featuring existing and new locations from Divinity games
    • 102 skill cards
    • 100 item cards
    • 40 enemy cards
    • 8 boss cards
    • 56 boss tactics cards
    • 4 source cards
    • 3 summons cards
    • 14 class cards
  • 270 tokens
    • 48 crafting materials with bag
    • 5 wooden AP tokens
    • 4 target tokens
    • 52 initiative tokens witb big
    • 36 damage tokens
    • 72 status tokens
    • 12 source tokens
    • 1 location time token
    • 40 talent tokens
  • rule book
  • encounter book
  • chronicle scoresheets

Whew — my fingers hurt just typing that. There’s a massive amount of kit included, and that’s just the Standard Edition. The Premium Edition adds in some pretty nice extras:

  • Miniatures for all 8 bosses
    • Darkhan
    • Ghoul
    • Khaliegha
    • Magister Champion
    • Gheist
    • Crypt Guardian
    • Shambling Vegetal Tank
    • Ice Rhino
  • 20 metal coins
  • 16 additional d ice
  • Upgraded bags made out of sheepskin leather

And if that still isn’t enough, you can take things up one more notch with the Extended Edition, which also includes:

  • Side Quest Box #1
    • Nemesis boss miniature
    • Story book
    • 89 cards
      • 52 locations
      • 18 items
      • 12 enemies
      • 7 tactics
  • Side Quest Box #2
    • Sphinx boss minature
    • Story book
    • 88 cards
      • 47 locations
      • 18 items
      • 16 enemies
      • 7 tactics

There are also, of course, various add-ons that you can buy piecemeal as part of the Divinity: Original Sin board game Kickstarter.

So, what’s this thing gonna cost you? The cheapest standard edition will run you a cool $120. The Premium Edition costs $165, and the Extended Edition will cost $220. These prices don’t include shipping, but they will include any of the stretch goals that can be unlocked.

If this game seems like your kind of jam, you can pledge to the Divinity: Original Sin board game Kickstarter right now. You have until Friday, December 20, 2019, at 8:37 AM Eastern to get your pledge in, although I don’t think we’ll have to worry about it not making its goal — the pledges jumped by $20,000 since I’ve started writing.