Twitch streamer iGUMDROP nearly exposed herself with Google Home

Some people might be concerned that a Google Home or Amazon Alexa is collecting too much information, but one Twitch streamer was almost doxxed by her own smart assistant. iGUMDROP was live on the air and made an off-the-cuff comment to her Google Home device, and it almost proved disastrous.

“Hey Google,” iGUMDROP began, “you know I’m here for you?” Unbeknownst to her, she was mere moments away from serious trouble.  Roughly two seconds after she finished her off-the-cuff sentence, her Google Home began to speak.

Twitch Streamer iGumdrop Google Home Render

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“Your current location is—” the Google Home began to say. For some reason, it had interpreted her casual conversation as a voice command to list her current location. As iGUMDROP is a streamer with over one hundred thousand followers, this would potentially expose her real-world location to thousands of people live on air. This could have proved pretty dangerous had the device been able to complete what it was saying, especially with the level of obsession that a rare few superfans can reach.

Fortunately, iGUMDROP is a quick thinker. As soon as it said “Your current location,” she began screaming very loudly to drown out the robotic voice from the smart assistant. She then ran over to put herself in front of the device and hide whatever had popped up on the screen.

This misfire on the part of her Google Home could have gone pretty badly had iGUMDROP not had the sense to cover up the sound by screaming. While some people might have privacy concerns with bringing a Google Home or Amazon Alexa into their homes, Twitch streamers have an even greater level of concern with their personal information potentially being revealed to all of their viewers live on air. You can watch the hilarious moment where iGUMDROP narrowly averted disaster over at LivestreamFails.