Twitch sneeze compilation shows the weird side of streaming

Twitch sneeze compilation is growing stranger by the day, showcasing the weird side of streaming. This is a tale of a series of strange events involving Twitch streamers Mizkif and mayahiga that has been going on for some time now, and it only gets weirder the more you look at it.

The story begins a few weeks back when mayahiga discovered that someone has been making a series of Twitch clips of her with a rather odd focus: each of the clips, sequentially-numbered, shows her sneezing. It’s literally a Twitch sneeze compilation featuring what appears to be dozens of clips of her sneezing.

Twitch Sneeze Compilation

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“Somebody went through my VODs and clipped me sneezing,” mayahiga said. “Everywhere. Everywhere. And they just titled the clips ‘Maya 1’, ‘Maya 2’, ‘Maya 3.'” She then scrolled through the clips, using her abilities as the person who’s been clipped to systematically delete them from the service.

“Do you know how long it would take to find VODs of me sneezing like that?” she added.

Maya’s Twitch sneeze compilation was pretty weird, but today showed that it just got a little bit weirder. Now her boyfriend Mizkif seems to be the target of the strange phenomenon, discovering that he, too, has had a collection of clips made of him sneezing. After expressing disbelief, he stated that he was going to try to find out who exactly was putting all of these clips together.

One might wonder why exactly this has been done in the first place. The discussion of the Twitch sneeze compilation on /r/LivestreamFail seems divided, as some think that it’s simply a weird fetish, and others think that this is being done for the memes. Personally, I’ll simply chalk this up to the Internet showing just how weird we can be and try not to think about it too much.

You can watch mayahiga’s reactions to finding the clips below: