Alleged Sweet_Anita stalker ‘caught and detained’ by police

The power of the Internet means that it’s never been easier for people to communicate, and some of those people use those tools to livestream and entertain us. Unfortunately, one such Twitch streamer by the name of Sweet_Anita had been fending off an alleged stalker for over a month, but she recently got some good news, as the alleged Sweet_Anita stalker has been caught.

“The police have caught and detained my stalker,” Sweet_Anita began in a tweet, “so I’m having to cancel tonight’s stream. I’ll be in the station all night giving a statement and evidence, but hopefully I’ll finally be safe and able to stream by [Sunday] at 8PM GMT[.]”

Alleged Sweet_Anita Stalker

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While the news of the alleged Sweet_Anita stalker being captured has surely brought the British streamer some peace of mind, she still has to contend with online stalkers. That said, it seems that this alleged stalker that was arrested by the police was, according to her, a particularly troublesome individual.

“Sadly I have had a fair amount of online stalkers,” Sweet_Anita continued. “But this one was IRL, he spent hours outside my house, he even slept behind my house, and managed to assault me. I’ve been harassed for a month now and I’m relieved that something might be done about it.”

Sweet_Anita initially gained her Internet fame due to some clips of her talking going viral. She suffers from an acute form of Tourette’s Syndrome, a malady that can cause involuntary tics like whistling, twitching, or swearing. Most notably, Sweet_Anita resorted to saying “bitch lasagna” in one such episode in a now-viral Twitch clip that has since gotten more than 1.6 million views.

Stalkers are an unfortunate fact of life for celebrities of all shapes and sizes, but the police have managed to catch one the alleged Sweet_Anita stalker after more than a month. Hopefully, Sweet_Anita will be able to rest easy.