Pro Perks return in Modern Warfare under a different name

Even though it’s only just a few days from launch, more information about the new Modern Warfare continues to trickle in. This time, an old feature from previous installments has been confirmed as returning. Pro Perks will return to Modern Warfare, but under an all new system with a new name.

Infinity Ward Art Director Joel Emslie confirmed the return of Pro Perks on a recent post on Twitter. He did so in a reply to a (now-deleted) tweet by streamer Riatric about the feature. While there seemed to have been some confusion about whether the feature was returning, Emslie further explained that “it’s a new system and has a different name.”

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Pro Perks were a feature found in a number of older Call of Duty games, most notably Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3, as well as the original Black Ops. These allowed players to upgrade the standard perks that were in the game by completing a number of challenges. For example, while the Ghost perk would prevent players from being seen by an opponent’s UAV, the Pro version also made automated killstreaks ignore them. To get the Pro version, however, players had to do a number of difficult challenges, including killing 20 opponents while they had a Spy Plane killstreak active and taking out 30 aircraft without using launchers obtained from killstreaks.

Pro Perks return in Modern Warfare under a different name

Ever since the new Modern Warfare was announced last spring, a number of folks have been clamoring for the return of the feature. Now, it looks like they’re getting their wish. Of course, with Emslie stating that Modern Warfare‘s Pro Perks will utilize a new system, the feature might be returning in a form familiar to series veterans.

Will Modern Warfare‘s Pro Perks still require players to pull off some pretty impressive feats to be unlocked? We’ll find out in a couple of days when the game finally arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.