Modern Warfare camping fixes being eyed at Infinity Ward

Ever since it released, players have been complaining about rampant camping in the new Modern Warfare. Now, it looks like Infinity Ward is finally taking notice of the issue, revealing that it’s looking to address the Modern Warfare camping problem.

Infinity Ward’s Director of Multiplayer Joe Cecot addressed the camping issue in a recent tweet. Here, he mentioned a number of things that the studio is looking to adjust that will hopefully alleviate fan concerns regarding Modern Warfare‘s current camping issues.

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The new Modern Warfare made a number of changes to the game’s minimap. With the map now showing less info than it had before, footstep audio has become much more critical to success. However, this change seems to favor campers who are able to hear players trying to sneak up on them.

Aside from footstep audio, the development team is also looking to tweak claymore mines. Players have been using these to cover entrances to rooms where they’re hiding out. This exacerbates the camping problem as they make it very hard for players to storm any hideouts. Even if they survive the mine, the explosion ends up warning the camping player, allowing them to prepare a defense against the assault.

In theory, the battle chatter should help players know what their teammates are doing and if they’ve spotted an enemy. However, it seems that the battle chatter is also getting players killed, as their characters will often make these callouts even when they have no teammates in the vicinity. This becomes problematic when an opponent is nearby, giving away their position.

Modern Warfare camping fixes being eyed at Infinity Ward

On the other hand, the issues with spawns aren’t directly related to camping. With how the game is now, players often get spawned near opposing players, which either gets them killed immediately or gives them an easy kill. Of course, this can make camping much worse, particularly when players keep respawning near a well-armed camper.

As for when the fixes would come, sadly Cecot did not give any mention of a release window. Hopefully the fixes come soon. In the meantime, Modern Warfare players will have to continue to hold off on running and gunning.