New Square Enix game projects teased on recruitment page

One or more new Square Enix game projects have been highlighted on Twitter, pointing out new experiences that seem to have flown under the radar.

Gaming personality Nibellion tweeted out an image of an absolutely massive concept art that was used as the background for a recruiting page on a website affiliated with a Square Enix developer event. It bears mentioning that this is an awfully high-resolution image that likely wasn’t made on a lark; it’s more than 10,000 pixels wide and has a surprising amount of detail. Have a gander at it by clicking on the image below (albeit at half the size):

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The above art doesn’t seem to fit any one particular franchise released thus far, although there are many strong candidates. It is entirely possible that this is just a really nice piece of art used to show off the company’s skills, but the recruiting event itself had some interesting tidbits contained in the details.

The page for this Company Information Session notes that that took place back in late July 2019. Several requirements were listed for attendees who wished to go to this event:

  • Admission was free.
  • Students (even those about to graduate) were not allowed to apply.
  • A minimum of 3 years game development experience was required.

Suffice it to say, they were looking to bring on new people for something coming in the future. Two of the company’s divisions participated in this event. One division handled Dissidia Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Record Keeper and the other handled Final Fantasy XIV and Restoring Dragon Quest Builders Alleggard.

What’s most interesting is that the machine translation of the page notes that both divisions are working on a new Square Enix game, although it’s unclear if each division is working separately on their own project or if the two divisions are working together on one massive endeavor. Producers, lead designers, lead planners, and lead programmers showed up to discuss this mystery project, whatever it may be.

It’s undeniable that we’ll be getting a new Square Enix game in the future, as the company is in good health and boasts many franchises with healthy sales. What this new project/s may be, however, is a mystery. In the meantime, we can look at the lovely piece of concept art used as a backdrop for this recruitment event and hope that it gives us a hint of insight into what crazy new things the folks at Square Enix are dreaming up.