WATCH: PS4 ‘It’s Time to Play’ ad features Kratos, Cloud, Crash Bandicoot and more

The new PS4 ad ‘It’s Time to Play’ features a whole host of PlayStation mascots, with God of War‘s Kratos, Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud, Crash Bandicoot, and more appearing in the new commercial.

The new ad, which appeared on Sony’s PlayStation Japan YouTube channel, continues a long line of PlayStation commercials depicting the company’s various mascots interacting with one another. In this trailer, the Sony mascots appear in the real-world, with the likes of the Fortnite Battle Bus crash-landing into a city and rallying its inhabitants into joining them.

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Sony has had a relatively slow 2019, with the company reporting a strong downturn in sales for the PS4 and its software. However, with Death Stranding around the corner and major releases such as The Last of Us 2 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake lined up for 2020, there’s still plenty of reason to invest in a PS4 before the release of the PS5 in holiday 2020.

Watch the PS4 ‘It’s Time to Play’ ad below: