Not God of War 2: Director Cory Barlog teases new sci-fi game?

God of War creator Cory Barlog has potentially teased a new project, and it doesn’t appear to be the highly anticipated God of War 2. The Santa Monica Studio director posted a new cryptic tweet, along with updating his profile to feature a satellite as his picture and a selection of stars as his cover panel.

The tweet features a number of dots, which when translated into morse codes spells “SIE.” This is seemingly a reference to SIE Santa Monica Studio:

His Twitter bio also includes a number of dots, which translates to “55HSIE.” Again, this is also potentially a reference to his development studio, though it’s unclear what the “55H” part of this message is in reference to.

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With God of War leaving a clear path for a sequel, it was expected that Santa Monica Studio’s next game would be a follow-up to the critically-acclaimed 2018 reboot. However, the space-themed appearance of his Twitter profile suggests that he could be working on a new project outside of the GoW universe. Either that, or Kratos is going into space for God of War 2, though that seems a little unlikely.

An alternative theory is that Cory Barlog is simply pulling a prank on his followers. He knows that many are eagerly awaiting an announcement of God of War 2, so filling up his profile with images of satellites and stars would inevitably throw them through a loop.

Sony Santa Monica has posted job listings in the past pointing to the studio working on a God of War sequel, but the game is still unconfirmed. Could it be that the team is working on a different project before it fully commits to God of War 2? Or is Cory Barlog working on a project separate from his company? Only time will tell if these mysterious tweets actually mean anything, but in the meantime, that isn’t going to stop eager GoW fans from speculating.