Pokemon Sword and Shield Egg Hatching can be sped up with old-school trick

Are you trying to speed up your Pokemon Sword and Shield egg hatching? Millions of people have purchased Pokemon Sword and Shield in the few days since it’s launched, and many of them are eager to get their perfect team together as fast as they possibly can. One Japanese gamer, however, has found a way to speed up hatching eggs using a very old-school trick.

A bit of background: one of the mechanics in Pokemon games is the ability to breed and raise Pokemon. Once the deed is done, you’ll get your hands on an egg that has to be hatched. Much like Pokemon Go, an egg will only crack open after a certain distance has been traveled.

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Typically, players are expected to continue playing the game and just wait for the egg to hatch after they’ve traveled enough distance in the course of the game. Others will idly ride their bike in circles in order to rack up as much distance as possible to see if their new ‘mon is any good. One Japanese gamer, however, has taken his Pokemon Sword and Shield egg hatching to the next level, and it’s been done using a very old-school method.

Pokemon Sword and Shield egg hatching

A tweet from ともpoke shows the Pokemon Sword and Shield egg hatching trick in action. A pair of chopsticks are taped to ともpoke’s Nintendo Switch: one end is holding the left stick forward, and the other end is holding the right stick off to the side. These two directions, when combined, cause the player character to ride their bicycle around in circles.

Using mundane objects to hold down game controls is nothing new, of course — it’s a very old trick. Players have been using paperweights, tape, and all kinds of random junk to hold down a few buttons in order to idle in a game and save them staring at a screen for hours.

This is probably the fastest way to get eggs to hatch and, more importantly, you can walk away from your Nintendo Switch while it’s in action. While we might not all have chopsticks at home, there’s surely something else we can tape up in its place. You can watch the Pokemon Sword and Shield egg hatching trick in action for yourself in the tweet below.