League of Legends Aphelios might have just surprise launched

Although Senna has been out for about a week, a new League of Legends champion might have just launched as a surprise today. The League of Legends Aphelios champion page has popped on the game’s official website — and there’s been nary a peep from the game’s official social media.

A keen-eyed Redditor submitted the League of Legends Aphelios character page to the /r/leagueoflegends subreddit. One could have guessed the link since it follows a pretty standard format, but something not meant for public consumption wouldn’t have been viewable like this. However /u/Spideraxe30 came across it, Aphelios’ character page seems to have gone live sometime recently with no fanfare or major announcements.

League of Legends Aphelios spirit

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Here’s what the new champion is all about according to the League of Legends Aphelios character page:

Emerging from moonlight’s shadow with weapons drawn, Aphelios kills the enemies of his faith in brooding silence—speaking only through the certainty of his aim, and the firing of each gun. Though fueled by a poison that renders him mute, he is guided by his sister Alune in her distant temple sanctuary from where she pushes an arsenal of moonstone weapons into his hands. For as long as the moon shines overhead, Aphelios will never be alone.

As cool as his backstory might be (and there’s a lot more to read in the biography), we don’t know much about his actual gameplay. The “Universe” page gives us a look at the character and establishes his story, but there is not yet any League of Legends Aphelios game info page on the website just yet.

Ths reveal of Aphelios in this fashion could have been a mistake, or it may be that the announcements about this new champion have just not gone out. Either way, we’ve got a little more insight into an upcoming champion for League of Legends.