Rooster Teeth VP arrested after wife alleges brutal abuse, strangulation

Image Credit: Travis County Sheriff's Office/Austin Police Department

Rooster Teeth executive Michael Quinn has been arrested over domestic abuse allegations, with him facing felony domestic violence charges after his wife informed Austin police that he had brutally beaten and strangled her earlier this month.

Michael Quinn, Rooster Teeth’s vice president of product and engineering, allegedly returned home from an evening out with his brother and friends, still drunk and high the following morning. After his wife returned home from work, Quinn questioned where she had been and then punched her numerous times in the stomach and on her head.

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The victim claims that Quinn then pointed a gun at her head, before putting it back down and saying: “If I’m going to kill you, I’m going to use my hands.”

Quinn then reportedly slammed his wife’s hand in the door when she tried to leave, before hitting her on the head with a hole punch. The victim then claims that Quinn strangled her until she lost consciousness, with him allegedly standing over her laughing when she woke up. She told police that Quinn had her locked in a “death grip,” adding: “I thought I was going to die.”

rooster teeth mike quinn vp arrest

The alleged attack took place on November 8, 2019, with the victim initially deciding to not go to the police out of fear of retaliation against her and her daughter. However, she later contacted the authorities and Quinn was arrested and charged this week.

Quinn has worked for Rooster Teeth for nearly four years, according to his LinkedIn profile. According to CBS Austin, he is currently out on bond with an emergency protective order issued against him.

Rooster Teeth is an Austin-based entertainment company mostly known for its gaming-focused online series such as Achievement Hunter. An official statement regarding Quinn’s arrest has yet to be released by the company.