Elon Musk’s Tesla Truck brings out the best Halo memes

The Tesla Truck reactions have been pretty great. Let’s say this right from the outset: broken windows aside, Tesla’s newest vehicle looks pretty cool — even if it’s basically the car that put Uncle Herb out of business in The Simpsons. However, it also happens to look an awful lot like the Warthog vehicle from the Halo franchise.

One of many, many submissions on Reddit points out the strong similarities between the Tesla Truck and Halo’s Warthog. Some users ever praise the potential safety features, pointing out that you can flip the truck back over simply by pressing X.

The car looks familiar from dankmemes

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The Tesla Truck reactions quickly caught on to the fact that a four-wheeler was also revealed — just like in Halo. One wonders if this is just coincidence or if someone at Tesla is a big fan of the franchise.

Looking at the imagery, the comparisons are pretty understandable. After all, the Halo Warthog won’t protect you from bullets that much, either. (Although the Tesla Truck doesn’t come with a mounted machinegun, I don’t think it’d be that hard to put one on anyways.)

Halo wasn’t the only game that got a shoutout from fans, with others using the visual evolution of Lara Croft to highlight the differences between the Tesla Truck and a more common kind of vehicle.

Tesla Truck reactions Tomb Raider

And, of course, the Tesla truck reactions also happened to pick up on similarities to other notable low-polygon elements from gaming history like Porygon from Pokemon and classic racing games like Virtua Racing.

The obvious comparison for pop culture fans is to the DeLorean, a strange car that is best known as the hero vehicle from the Back to the Future films. It does certainly look very DeLorean-esque, I’ll grant that.

The gaming memes and more that we see in the Tesla Truck reactions have been pretty great, but I think I’ll save my absolute favorite for last. If this truck reminds anyone who’s been around for a while of anything, it’s got to be this.