The PS5 and Project Scarlett could use Samsung Solid State Drives

Image Source: PS5 Dev Kit Render via LetsGoDigital

With the rapid approach of gaming’s next generation, Sony and Microsoft have been quite vocal in toting the PlayStation 5 and the Project Scarlett’s impressive specs. When Sony finally confirmed the PS5 name and launch date in October, the company also revealed that the console will use a solid-state drive, or SSD, which could potentially make installing and loading games lightning-fast. New PS5 Samsung SSD rumors suggest the Korean electronics company could be providing the solid-state drive for Sony’s upcoming console.

Video games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad first tweeted about the news, saying a Samsung presentation in Tokyo suggested the company’s NVMe SSD could make an appearance in the PS5 and other next-gen consoles. Ahmad shared a screenshot of a slide from the presentation, along with a link to Japanese-language PC news site PC Watch. The slide shows load time comparisons for Monster Hunter (presumably Monster Hunter: World) using an HDD, SSD, and NVMe-optimized SSD. The slide also includes a small, faded image of a PS4 console.

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According to a Google translation of the PC Watch article, Samsung Electronics Senior Managing Director Han Jinman said the NVMe SSD will be installed “not only on PCs but also on consumer game consoles” in 2020. While this statement and the accompanying slide may seem to indicate that, as Ahmad suggested, Samsung is saying its SSD will ship in Sony’s next-gen console, it’s not entirely clear if this is the case.

Besides the image of the PS4, it doesn’t appear that Samsung directly mentioned either Sony or Microsoft’s consoles in the presentation. The vague wording of the slide and the article, then, seem to point to Samsung’s gaming-focused presentation segment being more of a general example of the NVMe’s power rather than proof of its inclusion in next-gen consoles. Still, neither Sony’s PS5 specs nor Microsoft’s Project Scarlett specs have included the brand of the SSD so far — and the Monster Hunter: World load times example indicates Samsung has used NVMe-equipped dev kits of some kind — so it is possible that Samsung could be the supplier.

[Image Credit: LetsGoDigital]