Upcoming Red Dead Online update adds Moonshiners Frontier Pursuit

Red Dead Online will add a new Frontier Pursuit with an update coming next week. The Moonshiners pursuit will allow you to open your own Moonshine business which will allow you to take part in new story missions, unlock new skills, customize an underground bar, and more.

To access the Moonshiners Frontier pursuit, you must be a Rank 5 Trader. After that, Cripps will introduce you to Maggie Fike, a new NPC, who is an experienced bootlegger. You’ll then have to proceed to Emerald Ranch and meet up with Maggie to start the Moonshiner profession.

RDO Moonshiners 2

Once you become a Moonshiner you can buy a Moonshining Shack. This is where you’ll create your distillery. As you progress through the ranks you’ll learn recipes and techniques to improve your Moonshine and get the chance to open an underground bar. This bar will be customizable and you can change the decor and even hire a band and build a dance floor.

The Moonshiner role comes to Red Dead Online on December 13 along with new clothes, weapons, and more.

RDO Moonshiners 1