Wargaming is developing a brand new IP for next-gen free-to-play gamer

World of Tanks and World of Warships developer Wargaming is developing a brand-new intellectual property and celebrating the launch of the Wargaming UK offices.

A press release has announced that more than 60 people are now working at Wargaming UK, a brand-new branch of the studio which has spawned multiple successful free-to-play titles. An additional 30 positions remain open while they work on a new IP.

Wargaming Tank fire

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“We are in a unique position – we have the backing of a global company, AND we have autonomy over our own creative direction – it’s really exciting,” said the UK Studio Head Sean Decker.

What exactly is this new IP coming from the UK studio? It’s honestly a bit difficult to guess; after all, they’ve already got airplanes, boats, and tanks covered pretty solidly. However, they’ve also dabbled in futuristic scenarios with Master of Orion and Hybrid Wars as well as fantasy scenarios with Gods & Glory. Whatever the next title from Wargaming will be, it’s sure to be interesting (and probably free-to-play).