Phil Spencer tweets ‘it’s started’ after taking home Project Scarlett

Image Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Staff / Getty Images

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has got his hands on Project Scarlett, tweeting that he has brought the next Xbox console home and has been playing it with his Elite Series 2 controller.

Project Scarlett, the codename for the as-yet-unrevealed Xbox One successor, has made its way to Spencer’s household and has (unsurprisingly) become his “primary console” in the process. Though he didn’t share any details in regards to what we can expect from the system, he noted how he had been “connecting to the community” using it, indicating that some online functionality is already in place.

We already know that PS5 dev kits are circulating, with developers getting to try out the hardware and begin making games for it ahead of the console’s launch during holiday 2020. The Project Scarlett will also launch during holiday 2020, with it likely that Spencer has also got his hands on a dev kit rather than the finished version of the next Xbox.

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Rumors emerged earlier today that two versions of the next Xbox will launch, with one being a cheaper, weaker version, while the other is a premium, high-end console.