3dSen VR transforms NES classics into VR games

Have you ever wanted to see NES games in VR? Well, the 3dSen VR NES emulator has managed to do just that, converting classic games to a 2.5D perspective and bringing them to virtual reality.

3dSen VR first debuted on Steam in June of 2019 and it’s been in development since 2017, but it’s only recently begun to pick up momentum. One of the reasons may be due to its growing list of supported NES games, although a recent Reddit submission certainly didn’t do its popularity any harm.

3dSen VR

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Although I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a way to automatically convert NES games into a 2.5D perspective, the developer of the 3dSen VR hasn’t quite figured that out and so he must do the conversions one at a time. At the moment, the list of supported games is pretty darn robust. Said list of supported games also includes Micro Mages, an original NES game created by Morphcat Games. Not only is this original NES title supported in 2.5D VR, but it’s also used (with permission) for promotional material on the 3dSen’s Steam Store page.

Of course, the elephant in the room is the legality of ROMs. Depending on your country, you probably can’t just grab any old’ ROM file from the Internet and use that legally, so you definitely shouldn’t do that. It might be legal to create your own ROM files with an NES cartridge you own, though, so that might be an avenue worth investigating. Make sure to read up on your local laws and see what is and is not okay!

The NES console is now well over 30 years old, and gamers keep finding ways to spruce up classic titles. I never knew that I wanted to play NES games in VR, but this certainly seems like a pretty cool implementation. You can see the 3dSen VR NES emulator in action below, and you can learn more about it over at the 3dSen’s Steam Store page.

Take a look at Duck Hunt in action using 3dSen below: