Rocket League players protest Blueprint Update using stock Octane car

Over in the world of Rocket League, Psyonix has recently unleashed the Blueprint Update along with Rocket Pass 5. Replacing their previous loot box system, the game now has players building new cosmetics with a new currency. Sadly, said currency seems to be even more expensive than purchasing keys for crates used to be.

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Some players are taking to the Rocket League Reddit to propose a solution until Psyonix “come to their senses.” Player Jafit proposes driving using only the default Octane car until changes are made. User Chadozie later chimes in, calling it the Stocktane movement. Considering how many crazy customizations usually take the pitch, it could make quite a statement if widely adopted.

We should rock this badboy until Psyonix comes to their senses about item prices. from RocketLeague

Monetizing games in the longterm is always a balancing act, and we’ve seen plenty of player movements crop up because of uneven pricing schemes. Here’s hoping that the developer can quell their community and avoid a Star Wars Battlefront 2 situation.