Rocket League 2D is an unofficial flattened take on the hit soccar game

Rocket League 2D is an unofficial, fanmade version of the soccar game that has been trending. In places where players can’t play on their console for the official release, they can instead turn to this knock-off variant. The game’s trending status is likely down to the number of people returning to work and school, eager to play more Rocket League.

How to play Rocket League 2D

 Rocket League 2D

To play Rocket League 2D, users must do the following:

  1. Ensure you’re using a keyboard with arrow keys.
    • Some smaller keyboards (60% size) don’t have dedicated arrow keys. Check that yours does.
  2. Find the Rocket League 2D github page located here.
  3. Click “Start Match” to begin playing.
    • Player 1 controls the orange car with WSAD while Player 2 controls the blue car with the up, down, left, and right arrow keys.

At the time of writing, Rocket League 2D is freely available through the page. However, it’s possible that the game will be removed. As an unofficial game, created using official assets, there’s potential for the game’s creator to be contacted and forced to shut Rocket League 2D down.

For now, though, Rocket League 2D can be played using any browser. It should run on any modern system, as it’s not very graphically intensive. It’s just car images moving about on a static background, so doesn’t require much horsepower!

To step things up to Rocket League 3D, the official version by developer Psyonix is the best bet!

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