Best Buy Joy-Con sale accidentally lists pairs for $10

It looks like Best Buy just made some lucky Nintendo Switch owners very happy, as a recent Best Buy Joy-Con sale appears to have accidentally listed the controllers for just $10. A pair of new Joy-Cons normally costs $80.

Twitter gaming deals-spotter Wario64 shared a screenshot of the sale at 12:45 PM ET, saying the controllers were already sold out online at that point. By the time we found Wario64’s tweet about an hour later, Best Buy had changed the sale price from $10 to $69.99. It appears the intended $10 discount was instead accidentally entered as the actual price, dropping the controllers’ price dramatically.

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Replying to Wario64, Twitter user Justin Lamparter shared a photo of two boxes of Joy-Cons, saying they were able to get them for $10 each in-store, presumably while the online price was still lowered. For Switch owners suffering from the infamous Joy-Con drift, snagging a brand new pair (or two, in Lamparter’s case) for just $10 would likely feel like a steal. It’s no wonder Best Buy changed the price so quickly.