Untitled Goose Game PS4 release date is happening very soon

The Untitled Goose Game PS4 release date was the first thing revealed by Sony during the PlayStation State of Play. Immediately recognizable from its simple, yet effective, style, fans of the goose will no doubt love that it opened the show. Essentially a god-tier meme at this point, the goose has enjoyed a lot of recognition from gamers.

PS4 owners will soon be able to control the menacing goose when it releases on December 17, 2019. (Yep, that’s next week!)

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To confirm: Untitled Goose Game for PS4 is launching on Tuesday, December 17.

Keep an eye on the PlayStation Store for the digital download. It’s going to retail for $19.99, but will launch will a special limited-time sale price of $14.99.

It’s not yet clear if the Xbox One release date will be the same, as that was understandably not addressed during the PlayStation State of Play! We should have more information about that sooner, rather than later.

In our Untitled Goose Game review for Nintendo Switch and PC, GameRevolution’s Paul Tamburro concluded the following:

While Untitled Goose Game is a short experience, this also means that it doesn’t outstay its welcome. Additional objectives after you’ve completed the main game increase replayability, even if these objectives could stand to be more challenging. And while its stealth is basic, if you’re content with running around as an arrogant goose and scaring people with your loud honks, then it delivers that in spades.