J.J. Abrams: Hideo Kojima is a ‘master’ of making video games

Noted director J.J. Abrams recently visited Kojima Productions, and he has nothing but praise for the creator of Death Stranding, stating that he thinks Hideo Kojima is a “master” of making video games.

“I think the question with video games as a narrative storytelling medium, you know, can be tricky,” J.J. Abrams said in an interview with IGN. “And it can be the perfect thing for the right game designer/storyteller, but it’s got to be someone who appreciates and is [inaudible] with both the kind of linear story and someone who embraces free will and the gamer’s ability to play and experience and make his or her decisions moment to moment.”

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Throughout the short interview piece, it seemed pretty clear that J.J. Abrams was enamored with Death Stranding and Hideo Kojima’s artistic style.

“The dream, though, is that the storyteller, the game designer, the filmmaker, that they actually have a secret, more important thing that they’re also doing,” Mr. Abrams continued. “That there’s actually another layer, another reason for the thing to exist, another message that they’re trying to express. And when something is made great, with that intention, I think it resonates — and it has a power that’s greater than just the thing that you think it is.

“If there is a master of the form of taking what is the fun of a game but the satisfaction of a narrative story, you know, combine those together into one piece — that master is Hideo Kojima.”

Watch the video beow: