Fortnite Twitch viewership dropped 28% in 2019

Fortnite Twitch viewership dropped by 28% this year compared to its 2018 numbers, according to a new report. The shift brought League of Legends, which saw a 7% increase in Twitch viewership, to the top spot once again.

A report from and StreamElements (via GamesBeat) revealed Fortnite’s drop in viewership. The battle royale title earned just less than 885 million hours watched this year, compared to more than 1.2 billion hours in 2018. League of Legends rose from 929 million hours in 2018 to 990 million in 2019, taking Fortnite’s top spot. The game in the top 10 with the largest increase in viewership was Grand Theft Auto 5, which saw a 277% increase in hours watched compared to 2018, making it the fourth most-watched title at 523 million hours.

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Despite the fact that no game had more than 1 billion hours watched in 2019, GamesBeat reported that Twitch still saw a 20% increase in total hours watched compared to 2018. This comes in the same year that many popular streamers like Ninja have left Twitch to stream exclusively on other platforms. Still, with this increase in hours watched, Twitch seems positioned to remain the streaming king, especially with Mixer viewership down.