Nintendo releases Spotify-style ‘Switch Year in Review’

Nintendo has released a Spotify-like “Nintendo Switch Year in Review” report, which gives Switch owners details about how they spent time gaming in 2019. It’s not quite as robust as Spotify’s end-of-year report — and it’s filled with ads for Nintendo games — but it still provides information like total hours played, most-played titles, and more.

The Switch year in review report begins by telling you the first day you played a Switch and the first game you played, followed by your four most-played games in 2019 (though the order changes every time you reload the page), your total hours played, the number of games you played, and the number of Gold Points you earned. The report’s most specific element shows how many hours you played per month, including the top three days of the year for hours played. As mentioned above, however, it’s not the most thorough report, so it unfortunately it doesn’t break down how many hours you played on those top three days, doesn’t tell you the full list of games you played this year, and doesn’t tell you how many hours you played your most-played titles.

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If you’d like to see your report, head to the Switch year in review web page and log in to your Nintendo account. It’ll tide you over until PlayStation releases its 2019 wrap-up.