Resident Evil 3 remake will have an expanded story and Hunters will return

According to a recent Japanese Capcom TV event, the Resident Evil 3 remake will contain expanded plot details. While Resident Evil 2 remake stuck pretty close to the original story, Capcom is focusing on making RE3’s cast more interesting, which means making their roles bigger. This means the game you thought you knew might have some big surprises in store when ite releases in April.

According to a translation from ResetEra, one big change will be the role of Dario Rosso. You may remember Dario as the guy in the warehouse in the start of RE3 who panics and locks himself in a shipping container when Jill suggests they try to escape together.

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If you return to the warehouse later, you’ll find Dario’s corpse. Apparently he had the right idea to begin with and was killed by zombies after leaving his container hideout. In the remake Dario’s role will be expanded considerably in some way, though details of exactly how haven’t been released.

The Capcom TV spot also confirmed that Hunter Betas will return in the remake, but may act differently than they did in the original. In Resident Evil 3, you met Hunter Betas in the hospital, and they were one of the more dangerous creatures in the game because of the ability to instantly kill you if your health was outside of FINE status. Not mentioned in the TV spot are the amphibious Hunter Gammas who also can kill the player instantly.

I think it’s a good move to expand RE3 remake as there are quite a few characters introduced that we see little of in the game and never really hear from again. Carlos, Nikolai, Mikhail, Brad Vickers, and Dario all getting more screen time will only enrich the experience. Plus, the original RE3’s randomization factors made the game’s progression a lot less rigid than RE1 and RE2’s so there’s more room for Capcom to add new elements.