Baby Sonic is giving Baby Yoda a run for his money

The Internet may be fawning over Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian, but a new challenger will be entering the fray next year: Baby Sonic is reportedly going to be appearing in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie and it’s looking like he’s going to be adorable as heck.

The header image comes from @TailsChannel on Twitter as highlighted by ResetEra. Japan sure loves their merchandising, and that’s probably why they’re selling the super adorable Baby Sonic keychain that you see above. The keychain was revealed in a standee advertising this upcoming movie (and it’s also been spotted by other people on Twitter if you’re doubting that it’s real).

Baby Sonic movie placard full size

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As the ResetEra thread points out, a much, much younger version of Sonic the Hedgehog is reportedly a plot point in the movie. A now-deleted Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) was purportedly from someone who had seen the movie and they’ve revealed a bit of the plot. While there is no existing archive of the original AMA. the contents were thankfully saved in a ResetEra thread. Assuming these are true facts, there are minor spoilers in the quoted section below.

Sonic’s origins: Sonic escapes his birth planet as a baby (rings are how Sonic got to Earth. He can throw one and imagine a place and it will take him there), is found by an owl and grows up on Earth. Ends up alone after some time and grows up staying hidden.

It’s a little difficult to read the sign, but it seems like the Baby Sonic keychain will likely retail for between ¥900–¥1,400, pricing it at about $8.25–$12.80 in the U.S., and that’s assuming that we actually get it.

So, will Baby Sonic actually be in the movie or is this just a cool promotional item? We can’t say for certain, but it seems like this will make for a cool collectible, even if the lack of shoes is a little weird.