Irish the Hedgehog is the strangest St. Patrick’s Day celebration

Sonic Twitter has always been weird and Irish the Hedgehog is probably the strangest thing they’ve spat out yet. No, this is not fanart — this is the official St. Patrick’s Day celebration post from the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter.

Last year, the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account postedSonic-styled image of a bird creature with a St. Patrick’s Day theme to celebrate the holiday. It’s one year later and they’ve stepped things up a notch, adding brand-new art and voice acting along with a jaunty Celtic tune for backing music.

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Referring to his blue brethren as “Sonk”, Irish the Hedgehog introduces himself before quickly going off into an incomprehensible, nonsensical story about “praties” and other nonsense. After roughly a minute of this hilarity, it closes with a message wishing Sonic fans a happy St. Patrick’s day.

Witness the strangeness for yourself in the tweet below and happy St. Patrick’s Day, you absolute madlads.