A big Nintendo Switch firmware update could be on the way

A recently discovered scheduled downtime notice suggests the next Nintendo Switch firmware update could be more significant than usual. This appears to be the first time Nintendo has taken network services down while a system update rolls out.

Under the Future Maintenance Schedule section of Nintendo’s network status page, Nintendo lists a “distribution of update data” scheduled for January 6 from 8:30 PM PT to 9:30 PM PT. During this hour of maintenance, all network services (in-game online features, the Switch news feed, and the eShop, for example) will be disabled. Twitter user “VIDEL – Master Of Hype” shared a screenshot of the maintenance notice on Sunday night, noting that this is apparently the first time the Switch has had a period of maintenance downtime.

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Users replied to VIDEL with hopes and theories about what the update could bring. Many users guessed Nintendo could add themes, new profile icons, or even an eShop overhaul. Just as likely, however, is that the update won’t deliver anything significant at all. It’s possible there’s simply a network-side issue that needs downtime for the company to address it. Nintendo has not yet announced anything about the update’s features.